An Overview Of Where to Stay In Cozumel

By Dennis Anderson

Where Should I Stay In Cozumel?

Where Should I Stay In Cozumel?

Where Should I Stay In Cozumel?

At Villa Deja Blue, we help undecided travelers enjoy Cozumel in a relaxing atmosphere leveraging information from our experience living on Cozumel Island.

Before selecting where to stay on Cozumel, there are a number of questions you must answer in order to make an informed decision. From all-inclusive experiences to finding great hotels or vacation rentals – our staff are sure to assist in any way we can!
In this article we will outline three of Cozumel’s western regions and present our recommended accommodation options.

Should I Stay In Downtown In Cozumel?

Cozumel is an idyllic Mexican island and an internationally popular diving destination. With warm, clear waters and its Mesoamerican Reef system attracting visitors year-round, Cozumel provides an unforgettable experience for travelers from around the globe. If you’re searching for accommodation during your trip, there are a variety of great choices: North, South and Centro or downtown San Miguel hotel zones each offer distinct accommodations to meet any traveler’s needs; in particular the North is perfect for peaceful solitude while Centro bustles with activity while South is perfect for diving enthusiasts – being closer to their diving boats quickly than its Northern counterpart.
Downtown is an ideal spot for travels with families or friends, boasting numerous fantastic restaurants as well as an expansive boardwalk for leisurely strolling along. Additionally, Downtown provides visitors an opportunity to discover some of its rich history through visits to archeological sites.
Staying in downtown Cozumel puts you in the heart of all its activities and sights. There are several wonderful hotels here, such as Occidental Cozumel which provides luxurious accommodations.
For something a bit more budget-friendly, there are also many excellent Airbnb and Vrbo options to consider. Fulvio Cozumel Rentals is one such home equipped with four beautiful rooms to accommodate guests; plus it is only a short bike ride from downtown area!
Staying downtown may cause some inconvenience at night during weekdays; however, if you’re willing to trade some noise for convenience of being able to walk everywhere then staying downtown definitely makes sense!



Should I Stay In El Cedral In Cozumel?

El Cedral boasts many attractions for visitors to enjoy, such as its famed fair and one of the oldest Mayan ruins. Beginning at the end of April and lasting five days, this festival includes activities such as bullfights, cockfights, rodeos, typical food items such as corndogs and local treats like cornmeal pudding topped off with live folkloric dance performances and horseback riding. Furthermore, visitors have an excellent opportunity to witness local artisans at work at this fair.
San Gervasio and El Cedral ruins are two of the island’s premier archaeological sites, dating back to 800 A.D. These must-sees can easily be reached by car or taxi and provide an opportunity for learning about Cozumel’s rich history. Situated near El Cedral on Cozumel’s eastern tip, they’re well preserved ruins which many tourists visit as part of their island tour experience.
These ruins were once at the core of Cozumel life and believed by residents to represent its center. Unfortunately, Spanish conquistadors destroyed these grand temples while World War II further damaged what remained of it – today only some steps and carvings remain as remnants of what once existed here.
In the past, these ruins were dedicated to Ixchel, whom the Mayans revered as the mother of all gods and goddesses. She was an immensely powerful deity whose image could be found adorning objects such as Mayan masks worn during ritual ceremonies. Visitors to Cozumel Ruins will see ancient shrines as well as pyramids, stelae, and other structures such as pyramids. Bring water and sunscreen with them while wearing comfortable shoes and plan on spending at least two hours exploring them. Cozumel offers many other things to see and do outside its ancient structures including shopping at supermarkets and box stores as well as its Cineplex movie theater which features modern amenities.

Should I Stay In North In Cozumel?

Cozumel has long been known for being a haven for scuba divers. But this island offers much more than diving. There are beautiful beaches, great snorkeling spots, and several lagoons – making Cozumel an enjoyable vacation spot.
Cozumel’s southern zone is a vibrant place filled with resort hotels, shops, dive boats and wide sandy beaches. Here you will find large all-inclusive resorts offering diving lessons while providing ample opportunity for relaxing beach-time enjoyment with a drink in hand.
The northern area of San Miguel Island offers peace and serenity. While not ideal for divers as it’s further away from national park dive sites, it provides a quiet retreat away from downtown San Miguel’s hustle and bustle.
Visit Plaza del Sol for an enjoyable visit and pick up souvenirs to bring home with you! This bright yellow complex houses many shops reminiscent of a miniature market place. Enjoy strolling through its shops before picking out something special to take back with you.
Are you seeking something cultural? Visit the Museo de Cozumel. This museum showcases the history of Cozumel Island through exhibits on Saint Gervasio, pirates and buccaneers as well as Mexican folk art traditions.
Cozumel offers so much to see and do that it is wise to plan at least a week-long vacation! Scuba divers should schedule dive trips ahead of time in order to ensure availability.
Finding the ideal lodgings on Cozumel requires striking the balance between comfort and convenience. Scuba divers may wish to stay near a dive boat in the southern zone for easy morning access; otherwise, those interested in walking to restaurants and bars might opt for center town stays. You could even rent a car – depending on your personal preferences!

Should I Stay In South In Cozumel?

Cozumel, located off of Mexico’s Caribbean Sea coast on the Yucatan Peninsula, is one of its top tourist destinations. Renowned for diving and snorkeling activities as well as its major cruise ship port status, Cozumel boasts plenty of attractions that will ensure a truly rewarding visit. In order to maximize your stay here and maximize its potential benefits, be sure to plan in advance to ensure the most out of your experience.
There is a great selection of hotels and resorts on Cozumel to meet any budget, with each area of the island featuring its own distinct character: North Hotel Zone offers peace and seclusion; Centro has more vibrant activity; while South is breezy beachy living.
If you’re seeking a relaxing retreat, Cozumel’s North hotel zone may be just what you need. Here, there is a range of hotel styles and price points ranging from luxurious beachfront resorts to more budget-minded hostels. There are also some wonderful restaurants nearby and easy access to its stunning beaches.
The Southern Hotel Zone stands out as being very different than the rest of the island. The northern portion is home to large cruise ship ports which have become almost second downtown areas for this part of town, while other parts are filled with beautiful beaches, restaurants and dive shops.
Casita de Maya Boutique Hotel provides travelers who wish to immerse themselves in Cozumel culture an excellent option, with colorful rooms and knowledgeable staff specializing in the top attractions on Cozumel.
Stingray Villa, a four-room boutique hotel in Cozumel’s Centro district, provides another great option for those who wish to be close to the center of town. Only three blocks from the beach, Stingray Villa offers visitors the freedom to explore Cozumel on foot while providing them with an ideal place to rest and unwind in peace and comfort. Perfect for couples and families seeking peace and quiet.

Be sure to book your trip with Villa Deja Blue and enjoy your stay on the beautiful island of Cozumel.

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