An Overview Of What to Do In Cozumel When You Get Off the Ship

By Dennis Anderson

What to Do In Cozumel When You Get Off the Ship?

What to Do In Cozumel When You Get Off the Ship?

What to Do In Cozumel When You Get Off the Ship?

At Hotel Villa Deja Blue, we help travelers enjoy Cozumel dives in a relaxing atmosphere leveraging information from our experience living on Cozumel Island.

As soon as your ship docks at Cozumel’s International Pier or Puerta Maya Cruise Terminal, there is an array of ways for you to explore its local area. From witnessing death-defying stunts by Voladores troupe members performing death defying acts to snorkeling in Chankanaab National Marine Park there’s plenty to keep you occupied in Cozumel!
Explore honey, bees and their role in Mayan culture at the Cozumel Bee Sanctuary on an educational visit.

Can You Rent a Bike Or Taxi In Cozumel When You Get Off The Ship?

Cozumel offers many attractions within easy walking distance from cruise terminals, with most activities accessible within 20-30 minutes of disembarking from Punta Langosta Pier if disembarking there. Otherwise, International and Puerta Maya piers require longer treks into downtown; just wear comfortable shoes and bring water.
Cozumel taxis are plentiful and reasonably priced compared to other tourist destinations; their rates are set based on destination rather than haggling over prices as is common elsewhere; prices are clearly displayed at taxi stands; most drivers even carry rate cards to double check any potential overcharges before embarking on your ride.
Another fantastic option for exploring Cozumel Island is through Jeep tours with Cozumel Tours. There are various companies that rent jeeps, most offering pickup from cruise terminal and baggage handling services, to provide safe and comfortable tours around all of its top attractions accompanied by knowledgeable guides who know their area well. Furthermore, packages including buggy tour, buffet lunch, and drinks may even be available!

Can You Go Shopping In Cozumel When You Get Off The Ship?

What to Do In Cozumel When You Get Off the Ship?

What to Do In Cozumel When You Get Off the Ship?

What to Do In Cozumel When You Get Off the Ship?

What to do in Cozumel when you get off the ship? Shopping enthusiasts will have a fantastic time in Cozumel. Both the Puerta Maya and International Piers feature plenty of shops offering hand-painted straw hats, beaded jewelry and small pottery pieces at great prices. Leatherwork stores and Mexican crafts shops can also be found here; additionally there’s even a miniature replica of Chichen Itza Mayan ruin site as well as multicolored COZUMEL signs which offer excellent photo opps!
The International Pier is only slightly further from downtown Cozumel than Puerta Maya dock, yet offers its own mini “city” specifically tailored for cruise passengers with souvenir shops, restaurants and shows designed specifically to entertain them. Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ships frequently dock at this terminal where there are some great boutique shops selling local handicrafts and perfume.
As you shop, keep in mind that merchants will try to grab you and push you into their stores; just say no and stay firm in your decision to stay out. Pesos are generally preferred when paying with cash; however, credit cards may also be accepted so bringing some spare cash just in case is always wise.
Your onboard shops might sell some perfume, but if you want a wider selection or simply to compare prices, visit one of the larger perfume shops near your cruise port. With one in every major tourist area nearby, finding this shop shouldn’t be difficult!

Can You Go to a Restaurant In Cozumel When You Get Off The Ship?

What to do in Cozumel when you get off the ship? No matter whether you have had enough of the ship’s buffet or are searching for something more low-key, Cozumel has many restaurants within walking distance from its cruise port. Most are on the western side where main piers dock with port areas specifically tailored to accommodate cruise passenger.
Paprika is one of the more sought-after options, providing guests with stunning ocean views and an extensive menu to select from. The vibe here tends more towards Caribbean than Mexican culture with lots of seafood on the menu and other delectable treats to boot – it may be more costly but is well worth every cent spent!
Senor Frog’s is another great option for an economical lunch option near the entrance to the pier, offering delicious shrimp dishes and traditional Mexican food. Though this place can become busy at times, the staff remain courteous and helpful.
Guido’s and Buccanos at Night offer more refined dining experiences, both boasting delicious food in beautiful atmospheres. Dress formally when visiting these venues as it would be best for special occasions only – these special restaurants make Cozumel even more unforgettable!

Can You Go to a Mayan Ruin In Cozumel When You Get Off The Ship?

What to do in Cozumel when you get off the ship? Visits to Mayan ruins are among the top things to do on Cozumel. Conveniently situated right in the center of town, these ancient structures can be explored easily either with a tour offered through your cruise line or independently.
San Gervasio’s pre-Columbian ruins, where fertility goddess was worshiped during pre-Columbian times, is among Cozumel’s most acclaimed. Here stands several pyramids with El Castillo as the highest and adorned with stucco friezes depicting stories from mythology. Most tours also visit Xunantich ruins near Belize border that feature impressive pyramids you can climb to reach their top.
Chacchoben offers more complete pyramids and is situated close to the port. Additionally, this site contains a lagoon and museum and often combined with trips to Bacalar Lagoon’s multihued waters which make for stunning sights.
Chichen Itza, on the mainland and accessible only via ferry ride, makes for a fantastic day trip destination. Many cruise lines provide excursions to this UNESCO World Heritage Site – it is truly remarkable. When visiting by yourself or joining an excursion group, remember to pack plenty of sunblock and wear comfortable walking shoes; comfortable sunhats may also be useful!

Can You Go Scuba Diving In Cozumel When You Get Off The Ship?

Cozumel is one of the premier dive spots in North America, renowned for its vibrant reefs and incredible visibility. Perfect for novice divers trying scuba gear for the first time or experienced divers with 100+ dives under their belts alike, Cozumel provides something special.
Cozumel offers numerous diving companies that will take you scuba diving. Booking through your cruise line or independently will give you access to this experience, but for optimal results book in advance between December and March to ensure a spot on board!
Cozumel dive sites range in depth from 4.5 meters – 36 meters, providing divers with ample opportunity to witness marine life of all varieties. Some of the more famous dive spots in Cozumel include Santa Rosa Wall, Palancar and C-53 ship wreck.
If you love exploring the underwater world but don’t want to become certified scuba divers, you can still experience Cozumel through riding in the Atlantis Submarine. Conveniently located near Del Mar Latino Beach Club and cruise ship docks, this submarine provides an unforgettable journey of Cozumel for families or anyone simply interested in experiencing its charms from another perspective.

Can You Go to a Zip Line Tour In Cozumel When You Get Off The Ship?

Although not as popular, cruise passengers enjoying taking day trips from Cozumel are finding them an enjoyable and convenient way to see everything this island has to offer without needing a ferry ride each way or an intricate itinerary. They also make great options for families with children or those limited on time.
Most excursions are within walking distance from either the International Pier or Puerta Maya, though options will depend on which terminal your ship docks at. San Miguel square and Punta Langosta Mall offer short strolls from both terminals while offering souvenir shops, Starbucks coffee service, and an abundance of dining options to choose from.
Are you seeking thrills? Consider going on a zip line tour. This exciting activity allows visitors to traverse Cozumel’s jungle canopy from six platforms of differing heights; some even stretch longer than a football field and allow users to increase the thrill by zipping without holding on!
Once your zip line tour is over, unwind at El Cid La Cieba resort’s beach or waterfront pools for some restorative R&R at their beach bar or waterfront pools – complete with complimentary drinks – before diving into the sparkling Caribbean waters to swim and splash around! Add on an aquatic park experience for added fun!

Be sure to book your trip with Hotel Villa Deja Blue and enjoy your stay on the beautiful island of Cozumel.

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