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Taking the New Mayan Train from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen and Ferry to Cozumel


The recently launched Mayan Tren provides the perfect connection between Cancun International Airport and the island of Cozumel. By taking the train down to Playa del Carmen, you can then easily ferry over to Cozumel for some spectacular snorkeling and diving. This comprehensive guide about the new Mayan tren will walk you through the entire journey, from buying tickets, taking the Mayan Tren to Playa del Carmen, and then ferrying onward to Cozumel.

Purchase Tickets in Advance Online

Your first step will be to buy your train tickets online ahead of time directly through the  Maya Tren website. You can select first or second class seating, with first class offering more spacious, reclining seats and onboard amenities for a little extra cost. Just $10-15 USD each way.

Be sure to review baggage allowances when purchasing tickets. You’ll also want to buy your ferry ticket from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel online as well. Having both the Mayan Tren  and ferry tickets ready will make for a smooth transfer.

Finding the Cancun Airport Train Station

Once your flight arrives at Cancun International Airport, you’ll need to make your way over to the Mayan Train station located right on the airport grounds. Exit the main terminal and follow overhead signs marked “Tren Maya” or ask airport staff to direct you.

Give yourself 30-45 minutes to get from your plane, collect any checked bags, and walk over to the train station entrance. It’s just steps away from the terminals for easy connectivity. Have your ticket ready to scan at entry to avoid the ticket purchase line.

Pro Tip: Consider hiring an airport porter to help with bags since you’ll be transferring to ferry as well.

Board Your Train at the Airport with Time to Spare

Be sure to arrive at the correct platform for your train departure at least 15 minutes ahead of time. Trains only stop for a couple minutes so you’ll need to board quickly when it pulls up.

Make sure you are getting onto the right car if you have an assigned seat reservation printed on your ticket. There are restrooms, snack bars, and dining cars onboard if you need anything during the 1 hour 20 minute ride.

Enjoy the Scenic Journey to Playa del Carmen

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful Caribbean coast scenery on the way to Playa del Carmen. On a clear day you can see the stunning turquoise water and white sand beaches as you zip along.

First class passengers can stretch out in spacious seats and take advantage of complimentary snacks and beverages. Before you know it, you’ll be arriving at Viva Mayab station.

Arriving in Downtown Playa del Carmen

Once you reach the centrally located Viva Mayab station in downtown Playa del Carmen, you are just steps from the action. Exit the station and you can easily walk or take a taxi to restaurants, shops, beaches, and hotels.

Don’t forget to validate your ticket at the self-service machines before leaving to open the fare gates. Now you are ready to make the quick 15 minute walk or taxi ride over to the Playa del Carmen passenger ferry terminal for the next leg over to Cozumel.

Ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel

Cozumel ferries run frequently from the Playa del Carmen ferry terminal, taking about 45 minutes to reach the island. Be sure to arrive at the dock at least 30 minutes before your booked ferry departure time to check in.

Store luggage and then board the ferry to grab a seat on deck or head inside. Enjoy the ride and amazing views of Cozumel coming into sight! Taxis and rental cars are available right at the ferry arrival terminal in Cozumel.

Reverse these instructions to return from Cozumel to Cancun Airport by ferry and Mayan Train. It makes getting to the beautiful island of Cozumel from the Cancun airport smooth and stress-free. Have an amazing trip!


Guide to Taking the Ferry to Cozumel and Getting to Hotel Villa Deja Blue

Taking the Ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel

To reach Cozumel, you first need to take the passenger ferry from Playa del Carmen.

Buying Ferry Tickets in Advance

Purchase your ferry tickets to Cozumel ahead of time online for the best rates and availability. You can also buy tickets at the ferry terminal.

Finding the Playa del Carmen Ferry Terminal

The ferry terminal is located about 2 miles south of downtown Playa del Carmen. You can take a taxi or local bus there. Allow plenty of time before departure to check in.

Boarding the Ferry

Arrive at least 30 minutes before your ferry’s scheduled departure time. Check in with your ticket and wait in the lounge until boarding is announced. The ride takes about 45 minutes. Enjoy the views!

Arriving in Cozumel and Getting to Hotel Villa Deja Blue

Once you reach Cozumel, it’s just a short drive to the hotel.

Arriving at the Cozumel Ferry Terminal

When you disembark the ferry, you’ll be right at the passenger terminal in Cozumel. Taxis and rental cars are available right here.

Transportation to the Hotel

Hotel Villa Deja Blue is located about 15 minutes from the ferry terminal by car. You can take a taxi or rental car. The hotel also offers shuttle service.

Checking in at Hotel Villa Deja Blue

Give yourself time to check in and unwind after your travels. Enjoy your stay at this charming beachfront hotel!

With ferry tickets booked in advance and ample time allowed, getting from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel and Hotel Villa Deja Blue is easy. Just follow this guide for smooth sailing!

Dont forget the hotel has in house restaurant La Cocina de Silvia for the the best breakfast in Cozumel.

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